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Don't Wait to Detail Your Restaurant's Interior

The restaurant grading system in Birmingham, AL ranges across a 100-point scale. For every health and safety violation, your score will drop. Make sure you aren't losing any points on your restaurant's cleanliness by scheduling restaurant sanitation services from Thomas Professional Services, LLC.

Take advantage of our full restaurant and bar cleaning services. We'll clean and sanitize your dining room, restroom, bar and kitchen efficiently.

Schedule a detailed cleaning appointment today. You can also call 205-230-3458 to learn more about our contract-less services.

Learn about our restaurant cleaning and sanitizing services

Maintaining a clean restaurant will draw in more customers and protect your employees' jobs. Keep your restaurant open and thriving by hiring us for:

  • Bar glass cleaning services
  • Dining room dusting services
  • Restaurant sanitation services
  • Bathroom mirror washing services
  • Kitchen appliance cleaning services
  • Full restaurant floor cleaning services

If your health inspection is coming up, schedule professional restaurant and bar cleaning services ASAP.

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